How can I divorce in România?

Divorce in Romania can be made amicably, notarially, or in conflict by mediation or by a lawyer at the court. You can always use these methods if you are in Romania and have the time. For divorce at the notary, you need to have two appointments within 30 days at the notary’s office. For divorce through mediation you need the time you agree to divorce and then another 30 days. For divorce at court, time is longer and hearing of witnesses and spouses is required. If you have minors, a social investigation is needed to determine which of the parents offers better conditions for children.

Less well known is that you can divorce by staying in the country you are in without having to go to Romania. This procedure is as follows:

Make a divorce request via e-mail [email protected] in which you write:

– your name, nationality, and country of residence.

– if the spouse agrees to divorce (the simple procedure is when the spouse agrees to divorce)

– in which city you got married

– which city is your spouse

– if you have minors and where they are

– contact information of the spouse

We will contact your spouse and ask him / her if he / she has any other claims.

If they agree, we ask that you give us copies of your identity, marriage and home address, contact e-mail and telephone number.

After that, we are writing the divorce forms I will give you by email to sign. You print them, sign them and mail them to our office in Bucharest.

With these forms we will do what is legal for divorce, and after about two months, we will send you the divorce certificate at home.

This summary is brief and can not cover all life situations. For a concrete answer and a price offer you can contact us using the contact form or by e-mail: [email protected]

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